Step Away From the Comfort Zone!

Is there life before death?
The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

How many of us really live our lives to the fullest everyday?  Everyday we walk through our lives.  Going places, doing things automatically without being really aware. Before we know it, we have desensitized ourselves from our surroundings, family and from the things in life that add spice and adventure to living. We have gotten into a rut and often don’t even realize it.  The musician John Lennon said “life is what happens to you when you’re busy doing other things.”

Are You In A Groove Or In A Rut

Here is a simple list to help you determine if you are in a “groove” or in a “rut.” There are no wrong answers, just an opportunity for reflection.

  1. When was the last time you took a spontaneous road trip? (not outlet malls but adventure!)
  2. When did you last order an entree you’d never heard of?
  3. If you gave a party for all your friends…would they already know each other?
  4. When you reminisce about great times…how far do you have to go back?
  5. When was the last time you surprised someone?
  6. If not now…when?

If you can put yourself in an uncomfortable position you will always be able to learn something from it.  I love that prickly sensation you get from doing something out of the ordinary.  That rush of adrenaline!  It doesn’t have to be anything as daring as jumping out of an airplane or riding a bull in a rodeo.  It can be as physically safe as giving a speech but the rush is still there.

The comedian, Steven Wright, describes the feeling where you’re leaning back in your chair and just before it tips completely over you catch yourself. Well, that’s what we should feel at least once a day.

The more we push the envelope in positive ways, the more we can feel ourselves changing into a person that is free from the rut, we sensitize ourselves again.  Start by really stopping to smell the roses. Take that extra time to really listen to someone when they are speaking. 

Try this now, take a breath as hard as you can and feel it in your lungs.  Now exhale as much as you can until your lungs are really empty, now take a deep breath…a really deep breath, as much as you can until you can’t possibly take anymore in.  OK relax…let it go out slowly.  What a rush huh?! No drugs, just life!

Use the little things to bring that sensation back into your life.  Go barefoot.  Stand in the rain.  Take a cold shower, now that will let you know you’re alive!  Bring some excitement back into your life again.

If we are in a rut it is up to us to break out of our comfort zone and stretch ourselves in a positive way so we can jump-start our lives again.  At least once a day we should feel like yelling “Dam I’m glad to be here!” If you’re having trouble scaling the walls of your rut, give Hypno Mojo a call 503-395-5678 and let’s talk.