Sleep On It

Good decisions are made between the spaces.
Genius reveals itself in silence.

One of my favorite pieces of advice was given to me by our realtor at the time. We were in “analog” house hunting mode before widespread internet use. My wife and I would get a list of homes and do our own tours then provide our realtor, Dave, with the homes we wanted to view. We also happened to be shopping in a very hot market where homes were sold the same day the “For Sale” sign went in the yard and for more, sometimes much more, than the asking price. Several of our choices were gone before we had a chance to go inside much less make an offer.

We had been skunked several times and became frustrated with the search. On a number of occasions, we had put offers on homes that were immediately countered by the seller or had higher offers submitted by other buyers who just happened to show up at the same time we did. Committed to finding a home we would discuss how much more we were willing to spend to acquire a house.

You may well imagine the anxiety that can develop during the back and forth negotiations. We were on edge and one day when we could do no more and were trying to figure out if we should kick in more money to sweeten the deal Dave said “Look, why don’t you both just sleep on it and let me know in the morning”. What?!

It was a tough night’s sleep but come the next morning my wife and I made a decision, in the light of a new day we called our realtor to say we were going to stand firm on our offered price. Well we did not get the house, it sold for significantly more than we were willing to offer but having the opportunity to just “sleep on it” gave us the room we needed to breathe, defuse the emotion of the negotiation and shift our perspective. It was great advice then and it is great advice now. So, when we have big decisions to make we “sleep on it”. It has been amazingly helpful!

Often times we can find ourselves pushing hard to make something happen. Making emotional decisions based on imagined or perceived outcomes. If we push through in the heat of the moment, we may get what we want but we may not want what we get.

When the wheels are spinning fast and emotion becomes the driver…pause, take a moment, “sleep on it”. Things may look different if you give yourself some separation from the event. Emotional decisions are rarely in our best interest. By giving yourself some time, you take the emotion out and create a space to think clearly. 

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