Forensic Hypnosis

Investigators use hypnosis to solve crimes

~ Harlingen

Unlocking hidden information

The scene:  a brutal home invasion takes place where a witness notices two suspects driving away in a pick-up truck.  He mentally makes a note of the vehicle’s license plate, repeating it in his head but before he chance to write down the identification number he forgets the digits, losing his chance to put the two dangerous criminals where they belong, behind bars.

Forensic hypnotist, Michael Boulch, was teaching his skills to law enforcement officers in South Texas last week  He explained that although information properly garnered through forensic hypnosis is admissible in court, it is not always reliable.

“There are a lot of misconceptions about hypnosis. There’s no mind control and you can’t make someone do something against their beliefs or morals just because they’re hypnotized, a person can lie if it suits their needs.”

However, it is known that in the normal state of awareness, people who try desperately to recall a piece of information find that the harder they try, the harder it is to remember.  Hypnosis offers a valuable tool by relaxing the subject and allowing the information to be recalled naturally.

Defense attorney Larry Warner has been a lawyer for more than 30 years and has his reservations regarding forensic hypnosis.

“You have to be careful with hypnosis because it’s so suggestible,” he said. “It’s possible from a forensic standpoint to get people to spit things out that have been terribly repressed, but you have to rely on the integrity of the hypnotist.”

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