Addiction to Biochemicals of an Imagined Reality

Our world is created from the inside out.
Each thought sparks a new reality.

Our perspective, the way we see and interpret the world. All this has been programmed into our minds from birth. Our personality is a reflection of how we expect to be. In addition, our biochemistry supports our emotive responses to stimuli. Basically, we are addicted to the chemicals our bodies emit when we have an emotional response to something or someone. Addicted in a way that gives us the chemical juice supporting our response.

Think about love and really immerse yourself in that experience. Visualize everything associated with the loving feeling; arms wrapped around you, a kiss, warm breath on your neck, holding hands, gazing into your loved one’s eyes. Put yourself in that space and feel how your biochemistry responds to only your imagination. Feeling pretty good now I’ll bet!

OK, let’s shift gears to another feeling, one of agitation. You’re driving down the highway and someone, out of know where cuts you off just before your exit. Making you miss your turn and now it’s 3 miles to the next exit. At first you hit the breaks to avoid an accident, this jump starts your heart with fear. Then you get furious because you missed your exit and now you’ll be late for your appointment. It’s 3 miles to the next exit and yet your mind won’t let that episode go and now you have made the exit, turned around, arrived at your appointment late and even though that encounter took less than 15 seconds you are still pumping vile chemicals into your system to support the 30 minutes of fuming you’ve done since. Here’s the kicker…when you get home you share that story with someone and what happens? You feel that furious, agitated feeling once again!

When we understand how we are supported by our physiology as we react to the world or just imagine our world, we can begin to take more control of our lives. If our lives are not turning out as we would like, it is incumbent on us to make the changes we want to see in our lives, our realities. Is it easy? It depends on how much you desire the change.

Hypnotherapy has a variety of methods to help you change and often eliminate negative responses to external or imagined stimuli. Your responses do not have to be automatic; you can change the programming just like changing the channel on your television. And by the way, it is called television programming for a reason. Don’t get me started on the way commercials interact with our subconscious…I’ll save that for another blog!

One thing for sure is that when you are committed to making your life better you will face opposition from yourself, your loved ones and your peers. Because when you change, like a pebble in a pond, it has an impact on all those around you. Embrace the change and forge ahead into the new adventure that is your life!

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