An introduction to Hypno Mojo

We are a hypnotherapy and holistic healing practice focusing on helping people attain their best and true self. We use hypnosis to induce relaxed trance-like states to help you become more receptive to the healing suggestions specially directed and customized to your specific goals.

Over our lifetime we have been continuously bombarded by messages and programming that may not fit who we are and often has a detrimental effect on our lives. You have the power to change or remove programming that does not resonate with who you are or who you want to be and you can replace that programming with thoughtful, healing and beneficial suggestions that improve your life and those lives around you.

Your participation in the process is instrumental to its success. Your belief, attitude and commitment are the keys to your success in each hypnotherapy session and the achievement of your goals.

~ We love what we do and look forward to working with you!

Note: Hypnosis is not a treatment or cure for mental illness. People suffering from psychosis, suicidal depression, or are on medications for psychological stability should only be hypnotized by their doctors, psychiatrists or by an experienced hypnotherapist with the client’s doctor or psychiatrist present.